While you can specify which areas you would like to have cleaned, our teams typically clean your entire home, top to bottom. There is no inch of your home that doesn’t get noticeably cleaned by our teams. 

References are the name of the game in the cleaning industry. There is no better way to be safe and sure about what kind of people you are hiring than knowing their reputation and reviews. Speaking of which, MaidSquadPro has over 15 years of 5-star reviews and plenty of references for you to talk to yourself — just ask and we’ll get you in touch!

Absolutely! You can reach us at (240) 461-3354 during regular business hours.

During the 2nd step of the booking form you’ll be able to select from available dates and times.

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Still Have Any Questions About Our Service?

Any problems with our service? Let us know! We take pride in delivering top-quality house cleaning services and are committed to resolving any issues promptly.